Benefits and disadvantages offered by digital marketing

Benefits and disadvantages offered by digital marketing

Benefits and disadvantages offered by digital marketing

Learn all about the pros and cons of digital marketing


In a nutshell, online marketing encompasses absolutely all commercial environments. Today, it is a compulsory requirement for all companies to enter cyberspace. Well, it’s infinite the benefits that your brand will get. In addition, their economic income will increase, only yes, the company always adopts different marketing strategies.


Digital marketing is responsible for strengthening SEO tools. Well, millions of companies want their brand name to appear in the first results of the list in Google’s smart search.  Here I leave your most relevant advantages.

  1. With marketing techniques you can reach many potential customers at the same time and in a very short time
  2. Advertising is always direct.
  3. It helps build a great awareness among people about your brand or service.
  4. It makes it easier for business owners to address a specific group of customers.
  5. With the help of a directed email address, you can go to people with different tastes and preferences.
  6. Digital marketing offers your business the opportunity to expand its advertising campaigns beyond its geographical borders
  7. Through digital marketing customers will be able to contact you directly with your business without any problems.
  8. It is especially conducive that your customers be in contact with your business immediately with the help of Internet services.
  9. It allows to establish a trust link between the client and the company.
  10. You can offer and sell your services and/or products online
  11. Allows the development of your business 365 x 24 x 7
  12. Perfecting the Business brand
  13. Attract new subscribers to websites and digital channels
  14. To develop massive sales campaigns, knowing how to make the most of the first two aspects.


To this point everything has been very good, but it is also necessary to know that there are potential risks in the use of this powerful tool of expansion of business. Some of the disadvantages we have here are:

  1. Digital marketing depends on 100% of the Internet, so in those areas where it is not possible to connect to the Internet you will not have a presence.
  2. Depending on the ads that are made on the Internet. The seller loses the convincing part about the product that is offered.
  3. There is distrust in people who buy from the Internet
  4. The image of your brand may be discredited by third parties or the same competition
  5. Many specialists indicate that digital marketing is only beneficial for consumer products.
  6. Industrial and pharmaceutical products cannot be marketed using digital channels.
  7. By having a presence on the Internet your competition can easily track and copy all your business model.



About 22 years ago, at the time of 1996 was when the first release of the WINDOWS95 operating system was announced. Which, had within the structure your browser EXPLORE do you remember? “A browser for every home,” said Bill Gates.

Well, that year was very crowded, well, it also came out in the public light YAHOO! And it was the only digitized brand at the time, leading the Search sector. Therefore, many countries have ventured to rely on the Internet phenomenon, offering domestic and corporate plans for the enjoyment of it.

This movement made that by the end of year 96, there would be around 100,000 users connected and more 200 suppliers in the virtual world. Well, the cloud began to expand like fire and everyone wanted to enter the 1.0 digital age. When we talk about everyone, we refer to entrepreneurs, who were interested in their brand being recognized in cyberspace. And it was at that very moment that, the digital marketing history was born.


From the year 2000, humanity saw and felt the changes of the virtual era, in a unique and explicit way. This was due, thanks to the new automatic way of entering the exact websites with their own algorithms, through intelligent search engines, life became much easier.

As a short time passed, the famous social networks came to light. Whose mission is to entertain and establish an unconventional means of communication between society. But in turn, they are also designed to create and promote digital marketing.


As we have previously named, Yahoo! He was the leader of the search engines of that time. Thus, it had a great demand for digital users, who were impressed by these technological advances, could spend hours after hours reading news or commercial or personal ads, in front of the monitor of their computer.

However, Yahoo! leveraged this wave of organic traffic to implement the first marketing strategies, advertising banners or SEM as currently known.

These advertising techniques were responsible for positioning logos or small graphics of colors, to draw the attention of users, who click the end to the page where the announcement or service of the company. The best thing is that the brands generated revenue for every click that the consumer did.

Then, emerged what no one expected… Email Marketing. Previously, only email was used for a brief written communication. However, e-mail advertising campaigns increased and by the end of the year 1996, their demand was similar to that of the search engines. But, it had a fall in the middle of the last decade, when the spam mails entered the game.

Fortunately, virtual development did not stop, many more smart seekers began to emerge and Google positioned itself in the cloud. As a result, companies created less aggressive campaigns towards the public.

In conclusion, it is known as digital marketing to the study of technological techniques or strategies, based solely on the Internet. Also, this innovative specialty has the function of promoting, selling and advertising certain products and services offered by small, medium and large companies.